Ingeniería Solidaria

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Editor: Gloria Jeanette Rincón Aponte     Coeditor: Vijender Kumar Solanki
Start : 2005     Periodicity : Continuous edition     Language : English    
Scope : Scientific, electronic, international, open access Journal whose objective is the communication of applied and sustainable research articles with a social vocation of unpublished works, covering all areas of engineering and technology. The publication does not generate any cost for the authors.
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Published: 2014-02-12

Analysis of approximate formulas of internal impedance for the study of high-frequency transients in high-voltage underground cables

José Miguel García Guzman, Jacinto Torres Jiménez, Francisco Javier Ortega Herrera, Alfonso Lozano Luna


Bracing of Existing Simple Masonry Parapets

Ángel Francisco San Bartolome Ramos, Reymundo Anderson Siancas Chavarria, Alan Gabriel Manrique Guillen


Analyzing Workforce Inclusion of the Deaf Population in Santa Marta

Eder Iván Mendivil Barceló, Gustavo Alberto Chinchilla Rincón, Nayades Portillo Mendinueta


Designing an Electronic Traffic Light System

David A. Luz Luz, Jhon E. Mendigaña Figueredo


Developing Electroluminescent Devices Using R2R

Núria Guilera Grandes, Laia Vilar Abril, Irene Álvarez de Lasarte Sagrera


Results of the Relationship between Decision-making, Communication and ICT in Industrial Sector SMES

William Eduardo Mosquera Laverde, Luisa Alejandra Rojas Melo, Camilo Maurcio Grillo Torres