Bracing of Existing Simple Masonry Parapets

Ángel Francisco San Bartolome Ramos, Reymundo Anderson Siancas‑Chavarria, Alan Gabriel Manrique Guillen


Various earthquakes in Peru have shown that simple masonry (that is, not reinforced) parapets collapse, placing people in the area and those exiting the building at risk. Due to this risk, and the existence of many non-reinforced parapets in Peru, it is essential that preventative measures are taken. Accordingly, this project examines an economical and simple technique that can be used to adequately brace the parapets, thereby preventing them from collapsing. The technique consists of employing small columns at the edges of the parapet and chemically anchoring the vertical reinforcement to the base. Different positions and anchoring methods were tested. This technique was verified throughseismic simulation tests on the pucp’s shake table in 2012 and 2013, testing four parapets simultaneously. Two braced parapets withstood the seismic action, and these then underwent static trials to determine their maximum resistance. In summary, the simple masonry parapet collapsed under loads below regulatory limits, while the braced parapets supported greater loads.


masonry; bracing; seismic test; parapet; earthquake.


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