Ingeniería Solidaria

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Editor: Gloria Jeanette Rincón Aponte     Coeditor: Vijender Kumar Solanki
Start : 2005     Periodicity : Continuous edition     Language : English    
Scope : Scientific, electronic, international, open access Journal whose objective is the communication of applied and sustainable research articles with a social vocation of unpublished works, covering all areas of engineering and technology. The publication does not generate any cost for the authors.
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Published: 2020-05-01

Employability as a complex problem

Luisa Fernanda Hernández Corredor, Ronald Sneyder Beltrán Martínez

Healt promotion in the work context

beyond a healthy organizational model

Mónica Mahecha Guzmán, Evelin Lizeth Silva Urrea, Fabiola Sáenz Blanco

Behavior of employability indicators in university graduates

Nicole Valentina Chacón Sánchez, Daniel Esteban Casas Mateus, Luz Deicy Alvarado Nieto

Low-cost microwave reactor for green synthesis of nanomaterials

Leydy Tatiana Figueroa Ariza, Marcela Duarte Espinosa, Beynor Antonio Páez Sierra

Advances in the mental control of a robotic hand

Iván Fernando Vargas Ochoa, Richard Camilo Bravo Angarita, César Augusto Peña Cortes

Knowledge Management and Industry 4.0 and Open Innovation

José Ignacio Palacios Osma, Fabián Leandro Moreno Salazar, Karen Natalia Morales Gómez