Study of IPv6 Protocol in the Data Model of the Smart Grid Distribution Domain

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Guillermo Adolfo David Muñoz
Fabio Germán Guerrero

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Guillermo Adolfo David Muñoz, Institución Universitaria Antonio José Camacho

Institución Universitaria Antonio José Camacho.

Fabio Germán Guerrero, Universidad del Valle

Escuela de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica

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Introduction: This article is the product of the research “Study of the IPv6 Protocol in the data model of the Smart Grid distribution domain” developed at the Universidad del Valle and carried out during 2019.

Problem: There is an immediate need to establish standards and protocols for the Smart Grid for both the electrical components and the component technologies of information and communication.

Objective: The objective of the research is to characterize the use of IPv6 in the context of the communications domain distribution of the Smart Grid.

Methodology: The work defines a virtualization environment in which the performance of IPv6 in the domain distribution of the Smart Grid will be evaluated; this evaluation includes measurement and analysis of delays as well as traffic volumes, bandwidth, cyber-security conditions, and time allocation of network addresses.

Results: The IPv6 protocol is considered as a viable alternative in the Smart Grid communication model in order to comply with the communication requirements.

Conclusion: The implementation of Quality of Service QoS in IPv6 defined in RFC2474 is essential in the Smart Grid communication network in order to meet the communication requirements of the defined applications.

Originality: There is great expectation that networks based on the Internet Protocol will serve as a key element for communications within the Smart Grid.

Limitations: The wide scope and dimensions involving Smart Grids, it is almost impossible to implement the communication network of a Smart Grid completely in a single simulation tool or emulation.

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