Ingeniería Solidaria

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Editor: Gloria Jeanette Rincón Aponte     Coeditor: Vijender Kumar Solanki
Start : 2005     Periodicity : Continuous edition     Language : English    
Scope : Scientific, electronic, international, open access Journal whose objective is the communication of applied and sustainable research articles with a social vocation of unpublished works, covering all areas of engineering and technology. The publication does not generate any cost for the authors.
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Published: 2016-10-01

Implementation of the Kanban Method to a crm Software based in the Open Source Platform Vtiger

María Fernanda Botia Mendivelso, María Teresa Súarez Valderrama, Oswaldo Alberto Romero Villalobos


Assessment of torque and power in an internal combustion engine using partial mixtures of biodiesel

Guillermo Gorky Reyes Campaña, José Andrés Castillo Reyes, Alex Xabier Escalante Quezada


Expert System for the identification of Plastic Materials

Mateo Lezcano Brito, Minerva Lezcano Brito, Lydia Ríos Rodríguez


Quality review of power for lighting system of signaling installations in Bogota, Colombia

Carlos Andrés Parra Martínez, Hugo Alejandro Serrato Vanegas, José Ignacio Rodríguez Molano


Domain-specific language for the configuration of network devices

Daniel Felipe Garzón Triana, Carlos Enrique Montenegro Marín, Paulo Alonso Gaona García


Use of scenedesmus for the removal of nutrients and heavy metals from waste waters of the textile industry

Karen Rocío Pérez Silva, Asly Michell Vega Bolaños, Luisa Carolina Hernández Rodríguez, David Alejandro Parra Ospina, Miguel Ángel Ballen Segura


Approach for the Handling of Non-Hazardous Usable Residues Using an Ecological Station

Cesar Rodrigo Malaver Flor, Ricardo José Trullo Guerrero, Julian A. Caicedo Muñoz, Julián Andrés Mosquera Bolaños


Sustainability of sugar cane bagasse utilization in Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Ana Paola Becerra Quiroz, Angelica Lucia Buitrago Coca, Pedro Pinto Baquero