Ingeniería Solidaria

eISSN: 2357-6014     ISSN: 1900-3102     H5: 10
Editor: Gloria Jeanette Rincón Aponte     Coeditor: Vijender Kumar Solanki
Start : 2005     Periodicity : Continuous edition     Language : English    
Scope : Scientific, electronic, international, open access Journal whose objective is the communication of applied and sustainable research articles with a social vocation of unpublished works, covering all areas of engineering and technology. The publication does not generate any cost for the authors.
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Published: 2019-05-21

A Differential Cooperative Positioning Approach for Multi-Device Positioning Improvement

William Javier Trigos Guevara, Gabriel Pedraza Ferreira, Raúl Ramos Pollan


Using Reverse Engineering to Handle Malware

Carlos Andrés Sánchez Venegas, Camilo Aguado Bedoya, Daniel Orlando Díaz López, Juan Carlos Camilo García Ruíz


Software to build network frames, with GUI, CLI and programming library

Marta Lucia López Muñoz, José Luis Alejandro Carrillo Valderrama


A hybrid methodology based on engineering tools for process standardization in accounting

Diana Carolina Benito Baene, Juan Sebastián Samacá Zamora, Ever Ángel Fuentes Rojas


DC Electric pump modified as an intelligent actuator

Alex Esteban Barbosa Torres, Andrés Escobar Díaz, Harold Vacca González


Conceptual foundation for an automated pentester based on a single board computer

Geraldín Vergara Fajardo, Diana Marcela Montaño, Siler Amado Donado, Katerine Márceles Villalba


Revision of Smart Street Lighting LED

Diego Julián Rodríguez Patarroyo, Iván Felipe Cely Garzón, Cristhian Alexander Letrado Forero