A review on the role of IoT, ai, and blockchain in agriculture & crop diseases detection using a text mining approach

Bhuvan Puri

Lovely Professional University

Rameshwar Cambow

Lovely Professional University

Introduction: This paper is the outcome of a review survey, “Role of IoT, AI and blockchain in agriculture and crop disease detection using a text mining approach,” done at Lovely Professional University in Punjab, India, in 2023.

Problem: Agriculture is a crucial industry that contributes significantly to the economies of many nations. Crop diseases are one of the issues that create a barrier to agricultural development.

Objective: Using machine learning, deep learning, image processing methods, the Internet of Things, and blockchain technology, this study provides a current summary of research done over the past years on disease identification of various crops.

Methodology: The text mining technique is applied to extract the related information from published papers and predict the following futuristic technologies to detect crop diseases early.

Results: This paper also covers the various issues, challenges, and potential solutions. It also emphasizes the wide range of tools available for identifying crop diseases.

Conclusion: This paper helps to extract valuable keywords through a text-mining approach and create a roadmap for another researcher.

Originality: Applied text mining visualization techniques, such as word cloud and word frequency, to extract the keywords.

Limitation: The literature survey only covers literature published prior to February 2023; it can be extended with
more studies published soon.

Keywords: IoT, AI, crop diseases, agriculture, text mining, blockchain

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B. Puri and R. Cambow, “A review on the role of IoT, ai, and blockchain in agriculture & crop diseases detection using a text mining approach”, ing. Solidar, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 1–30, Sep. 2023, doi: 10.16925/2357-6014.2023.03.03.
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