A model for the elicitation of organizational system interoperability requirements

Daniel Eduardo Paz Perafán

Universidad del Cauca

Francisco José Pino Correa

Universidad del Cauca

Sandra Lorena Buitrón

Universidad del Cauca

Introduction: this article is the product of the research called a framework to support the elicitation of interoperability requirements (IR) based on the needs of an organization's business processes, developed at the Universidad del Cauca in 2019.

Problem: within the requirements elicitation process, stakeholders generally fail to articulate IR according to the business needs, causing the development of systems incompatible with systems in other functional areas.

Objective: to identify, define and classify a set of attributes that constitute the interoperability at the business level, which must be considered during the elicitation of an IR.

Methodology: the development of the model followed these activities: (i) establishment of the aspects to be considered in the interoperability at the business level, (ii) identification of the attributes that make up each aspect, (iii) definition of the identified attributes and the options that can be obtained in response, and (iv) classification of the attributes.

Results: a model that describes 21 attributes that constitute the interoperability at the business level, classified in the following views: emitters and receivers, types of interaction, data flow properties, and conditions to use the communicated data.

Conclusion: from the application of the model in the elicitation of a set of IR of two functional areas of an organization, it was identified that the attributes favor the common understanding among members of different areas and support the analysis and planning of the exchanges of information.

Originality: to identify and define a set of attributes that constitute interoperability at the business level.

Limitations: the model must be used by a process that guides the elicitation of the attributes that make up the IR.

Keywords: organization, organizational systems, attribute, elicitation, business, interoperability
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