Energy Efficient TABU Optimization Routing Protocol for WSN

Varsha Shani

IKG PTU Regional Centre

Manju Bala

Khalsa College of Engineering & Technology

Manoj Kumar

DAV institute of Engineering, Management & Technology

Neeraj Kumar

DIT, BBAU (A Central University)

Introduction: This article is the result of the research “Energy efficient routing protocols in wireless sensor network: Examine the impact of M-SEEC routing protocols on the lifetime of WSN with an energy efficient TABU optimization routing protocol”developed in the IKG, Punjab Technical University, India in 2019.

Problem: The task of finding and maintaining routes in WSNs is non-trivialsince energy restrictions and sudden changes in node status cause frequent and unpredictable changes.

Objective: The objective of this paper is to propose an energy efficient heterogeneous protocolwith the help of a hybrid meta-heuristic technique.

Methodology: In the hybrid meta-heuristic technique, the shortest route has been selected and the data forwarded to the sink in a minimal time span,savingenergy and making the network more stable. To evaluate the technique, a new hybrid technique has been created where the data transmission is implemented from the beginning under MATLAB 2013a.

Results: The proposed technique is better than the existing ones since the remaining energy in the network is increased by 62% compared to normal nodes in MSEEC, 65% compared to advanced nodes in MSEEC and 70% compared to super nodes in MSEEC. The network lifetime was also enhanced by 70.8% compared to MSEEC.

Conclusion: The proposed protocol was found to be superior based on the average residual energy.This paper proposes an efficient routing mechanism towards the energy efficient network.

Originality: Through this research, a novel version of MSEEC protocol is carried out using the TABU search mechanism to generate the functions of two neighbourhoods to detect the optimum path with the aim of maximizing the network lifetime in an area of 200×200m2.

Limitations: The lack of other routing techniques falls under swarm intelligence.

Keywords: WSN, MSEEC routing protocol, TABU search, throughput and Energy efficiency
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