Nash s game theory iN technological negotiation patterns

Reflexión académica sobre temáticas relacionadas con la Ingeniería
Javier Dario Fernández ledesma

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingeniería, sede Medellín

Maria Elizabeth Parra Cadavid

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín

The globalization process has led to strong competition in the technological market, encouraging existing businesses from different economic sectors to consider the use of new techniques, methods, and methodo- logies to support their decision making processes. The authors perform an analysis of the contributions of John Nash and his game theory to technological negotiation patterns, explaining the theoretical features to be implemented in a technological negotiation scenario. The text pretends to set a framework necessary for future work on technological negotiation and transfer models that arise in our economic and industrial environment. This paper stems from the project: “Technology Negotiation Patterns”, developed within the Master in Technology Management from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in 2009.
Keywords: Nash, technological negotiation, Game Theory
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