Determining Weighted, Utility-Based Time Variant Association Rules Using Frequent Pattern Tree

Pankaj Gupta, Bharat Bhushan Sagar


Introduction: The present research was conducted at Birla Institute of Technology, off Campus in Noida, India, in 2017.

Methods: To assess the efficiency of the proposed approach for information mining a method and an algorithm were proposed for mining time-variant weighted, utility-based association rules using FP-tree.

Results: A method is suggested to find association rules on time-oriented frequency-weighted, utility-based data, employing a hierarchy for pulling-out item-sets and establish their association.

Conclusions: The dimensions adopted while developing the approach compressed a large time-variant dataset to a smaller data structure at the same time FP-tree was kept away from the repetitive dataset, which finally gave us a noteworthy advantage in articulations of time and memory use.

Originality: In the current period, high utility recurrent-pattern pulling-out is one of the mainly noteworthy study areas in time-variant information mining due to its capability to account for the frequency rate of item-sets and assorted utility rates of every item-set. This research contributes to maintain it at a corresponding level, which ensures to avoid generating a big amount of candidate-sets, which ensures further development of less execution time and search spaces.

Limitations: The research results demonstrated that the projected approach was efficient on tested datasets with pre-defined weight and utility calculations.


association rule; frequent pattern tree; information mining; time variant; weighted transactions

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