Modelo de expectativas en torno a la seguridad pública en microempresarios del centro de México

Derecho y políticas públicas
Cruz García Lirios

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

Objective: to establish the reliability and validity of an instrument that measures expectations of public safety in a context of low local development.

Methodology: a non-experimental study was carried out with a non-probabilistic selection of microentrepreneurs, considering their participation in business development and social entrepreneurship programs.

Results: three factors related to recruitment, technology and training were established, which accounted for 74% of the total variation.

Limitations: Design limits results to the search scenario.

Study value: the instrument can be compared with other scenarios and study samples with similar conditions.

Conclusions: an exploratory factorial structure was established that will allow its study from the inclusion and contrast of other variables such as quality of life and subjective well-being reported in the literature.

Palabras clave: capital intelectual, globalización, intangibles, localidad, modelo
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