Teaching english as a foreign language through volleyball

Brian Gonzalo Suárez Acevedo, Kerry Kathleen Burns, Alfredo Duarte Fletcher, José Fernando Gómez Rueda


Teaching English as a Foreign Language was carried out with a group of fifth semester students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, Recreation and Sports outside of the traditional classroom context. Eleven of the students were female and fourteen were male. The unique method used was Total Physical Response (tpr), a system developed by the psychologist Dr. James Asher who has been utilizing tpr to teach English by approaching the language from a new angle, incorporating physical actions with linguistic interaction. In this experience, the content, methodology, commands, rules, and activities developed in volleyball classes were clearly established and defined. Furthermore, all those aspects related to the process of judging or refereeing a game of this sport were taken into account. Finally, it was also designed with the images of each of the commands, activities and rules that are executed in the class.

Tipología: nota de clase.

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Physical Education, regulation, Total Physical Response, volleyball.

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